Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Welcome to Share Investing Expert

Welcome to my site. Here's a brief introduction:

I manage my portfolio of FTSE 100 companies. I have extensive knowledge of the companies I own, including shares in the banking, energy and telecoms sectors, as I am a long term buy and hold investor. 2012 has been successful for me and contributed significantly to my overall income. I am confident of rising values in future.

My father is a Chartered Accountant with over forty years experience in share investment, yet I am still able to advise him on whether the shares I own are worth buying at certain times. Of course, I'm grateful for the wealth of knowledge I obtain from him too!

2013 has also been successful, following the purchase of National Grid. LLoyds, BT and Legal and General amongst others also are performing well. I'm aiming to get a higher percentage of wealth into shares at the right price.

As we currently stand in 2014 my portfolio is at an all time record high. I feel more confident in my investing ability than ever before, and feel glad that over the past few years my advice has allowed my friends to make more money.

I now have the goal of getting approximately 90% of my total wealth into shares, buying at the right valuations. So 2014 will involve significant purchases!